Who are The International Cancer Care Network?

The International Cancer Care network represents a network of highly qualified specialists working in London, one of the largest and most metropolitan cities in the world. Our highly experienced clinicians come from various backgrounds, having trained in some of the world’s most highly regarded hospitals.

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Our goal

Our goal is to deliver high-quality, expert, cancer care at all points of the patient’s cancer journey, from cancer screening and diagnostics to personalised cancer treatment and survivorship.

Our experienced clinicians come from various backgrounds, having trained in some of the world’s most highly regarded hospitals.

We are based in central London with access to state-of-the-art facilities to deliver first-class patient care.

Our Story

In the UK up to 50% of patients presenting to their GP may present with vague symptoms that warrant a rapid diagnostic pathway. In similar clinics in the NHS over 50% of patients will have a diagnosis that requires further follow up.  

After years working in the field our consultants have witnessed how slow and frustrating it can be to have a symptom seen. Waiting times can be long with many people being wrongly referred multiple times before results are obtained. The problem with this is simple, advanced stage cancer is often much more complex to treat and carries a significant amount of morbidity. If one-third of advanced-stage cancers were instead diagnosed at an earlier stage, there would be up to 24% fewer cancer-related deaths. We want our patients at the centre. 

We are working to bring a coordinated, first of its kind, private, bespoke rapid diagnostic service that is reviewed by a team of specialist doctors to our patients. We want to bring early diagnostics and peace of mind to the fore in patient centred care.

Our Leadership Team

Dr Doraid Alrifai

Consultant Medical Oncologist and Co-Founder of The ICCN

Dr Alrifai is a consultant medical oncologist who manages patients suffering from thoracic (lung, mesothelioma, thymoma) and urological (kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, and penile) malignancies. His NHS base is at St George’s Hospital where he holds several senior positions.

Dr Jason Chow

Consultant Medical Oncologist and Co-Founder of The ICCN

Dr Chow is a consultant medical oncologist who manages patients suffering from thoracic (lung, mesothelioma, thymoma), upper gastrointestinal (oesophagus, stomach and duodenum) and pancreatic and hepatobiliary (bile duct, gallbladder and liver) malignancies. His NHS base is at St George’s Hospital where he also holds several senior positions.

Specialist Team

Ms Bronagh Donnelly

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

Bronagh is an advanced nurse practitioner with an extensive background in oncology and rapid diagnosis. She is currently one of the senior nurses in charge of the Rapid Diagnostics Pathway at her NHS trust.

Mr Dimitrios Tsironis

Consultant Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon

Dr Nirav Patel

Consultant Radiologist

Dr Kesavan Kandiah

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Munraj Gill

Private GP, Knightsbridge Practice

Our network of London hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Clinics and Laboratories

The Cromwell Hospital

We are dedicated partners with The Cromwell Hospital, a world-leading private hospital, with an Integrated Cancer Campus in the heart of Kensington, London….

All our consultants who work at the ICCN have practice privileges at The Cromwell Hospital, being fully integrated into the cancer service. The Cromwell Hospital is also one of our main partners of the Mobile Diagnostic Clinic, where they provide cutting edge diagnostic tests, to get a quick diagnosis and prompt treatment. For more information on The Cromwell Hospital, please see the link: https://www.cromwellhospital.com

The London Medical Laboratory

Our founders have developed a robust and efficient relationship with The London Medical Laboratory over the years. They have continued this partnership and have brought further integrated services between The London Medical Laboratory and The International Cancer Care Network…

Clients can book tests for our Mobile Diagnostic Clinic via The London Medical Laboratory website, and our team of specialists are on hand to support The London Medical Laboratory clients who may have abnormal test results and want to seek further advice or services via The International Cancer Care Network.

Roehampton Club

Roehampton Club is one of the leading private sports and social clubs in London, situated next to Richmond Park. We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with them…

They are one of our first sites to host the Mobile Diagnostic Clinic, where both members and the local community are offered the opportunity to have an assessment. The MDC is run in in conjunction with Pure Sports Medicine’s clinic at Roehampton.

Pure Sports Medicine

We are proud to be working in partnership with Pure Sports Medicine, one of the leading physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine clinics in London. We know that patient outcomes are greatly improved when a fully holistic approach is given to their cancer care.

To that end, The ICCN and Pure Sports Medicine share a vision of optimising patients’ cancer care with the appropriate supportive therapies. These therapies can include physiotherapy, dietetics, and other complimentary therapies, and can improve a patients’ fitness and well-being before, during and after cancer treatments. Due to our partnership, Pure Sports Medicine is pleased to be able to offer any patients referred from The ICCN a special discount to their packages. Contact our team for more details. To read more about Pure Sports Medicine visit their website: https://puresportsmed.com/services/exercise-physiology

Supporting charities

We are proud to support the Laurie Todd Foundation, a charity dedicated to the early diagnosis of oesophageal cancer and a patient centred approach to treatment and aftercare. For more information please visit the Laurie Todd Foundation webpage: laurietodd.org.uk

Health screening and rapid diagnosis in London

The Clinic by Spotlight Health represents our diagnostic services and provides screenings to rapidly diagnose or exclude cancer, offering greater peace of mind and providing a rapid pathway to expert cancer care.