Resources about Cancer



Raising awareness: what are the symptoms of stomach cancer

What to expect at your Cancer Screening appointment

Many people ask, “what are cancer screening tests?”. Cancer screening tests provide a complete view of what is occurring in your body. The exact types of tests depend on whether a person has any symptoms, and if they do, what symptoms they are.

Oncology Education

We provide oncology education globally. 

Our experts often provide talks on their specialist fields both virtually and in person.

Please contact us for further information if you would like us to provide teaching and education opportunities.

Charity commitment

We are proud to support the Laurie Todd Foundation, a charity dedicated to the early diagnosis of oesophageal cancer and a patient centred approach to treatment and aftercare. For more information please visit the Laurie Todd Foundation webpage:

Health screening and rapid diagnosis in London

The Clinic by Spotlight Health represents our diagnostic services and provides screenings to rapidly diagnose or exclude cancer, offering greater peace of mind and providing a rapid pathway to expert cancer care.