Health Screening and Rapid Diagnosis in London

Spotlight Health offer two key services; Health Screening and Rapid Diagnosis. 

Our cancer testing services

Health screening is ideal for those who do not have symptoms but are worried about their health. We offer face to face health checks and bespoke health screening packages. Please contact us for further information. 

Rapid Diagnosis clinics are offered to those who have symptoms and are worried about serious illness. We offer an in depth face to face of virtual consultation and a rapid assessment of your case by our Multidisciplinary team of specialist consultants and nurse, this is coupled with rapid access to blood tests and scans to help with a faster diagnosis and offer of a robust healthcare plan.  

Why choose Spotlight Health

We work with leading private health care providers to deliver fast access to highly sophisticated screening and diagnostic tests, getting to the heart of the medical problem, with a team of specialists in place to advise you.

Our multidisciplinary team

Cancer screening services and rapid diagnostic services are offered nationally but none are run like The Clinic by Spotlight Health. Our service gives patients access to a whole team of specialised consultants who review your case after the first consultation.

Offering second opinions

We know how difficult a cancer diagnosis can be, and it’s always important to be able to obtain as much expert advice as possible.

We are happy to provide second opinions when required. Please contact us for further information.

Our Cancer Testing Process (for those with symptoms)

Step 1: You have a consultation with our Specialist Nurse

You will meet with one of our specialist advanced practitioner nurses in a confidential clinic. They are highly experienced in cancer diagnostics and dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming service. Our space is designed to make you feel at ease and relax in your journey.

  • Full history examination
  • Height/weight and vital signs check
  • Blood tests including cancer specific markers
  • Urine tests
Step 2: Your results are reviewed by our Oncologist teams

This is a unique opportunity to undergo a personalised health review following your assessment with one of our world-class oncology specialists. All results are reviewed by our multidisciplinary team who are trained in cancer diagnostics including general medicine and surgery. They will review your results and discuss the findings to reach the most appropriate conclusion.

Step 3: You will be invited to book an appointment to receive your results

Following your assessment with our Advanced Nurse Practitioner, and after the Multidisciplinary team reviews your results, an expert opinion is provided and further tests are recommended where necessary. 

A designated consultant is then assigned to your case and will discuss the results of these tests and the formal multidisciplinary team assessment with you. This appointment is organised virtually but can be face-to-face based on your needs.

If you test negative for cancer

If your results are negative, we will recommend when it is best to return if symptoms persist.

If you test positive for cancer

If your results are positive, further tests will be recommended. These can be completed by the NHS or by The Spotlight Clinic specialist team with rapid access to the Central Hub.

The initial screening appointment and review by our specialist oncologists and the Multidisciplinary team of consultants costs £499.

Further testing available


Chest x-ray

Abdominal/pelvic ultrasound

Low-dose CT

Whole-body MRI

Colonoscopy / Upper endoscopy


Our Screening Process (with no symptoms)

Our team can offer a variety of approved and highly specialist diagnostic tools. Tests such as Trucheck and other platforms are utilised by our team when appropriate. If you are interested in undertaking any of these assessments please make an appointment and we can discuss your options further.


Yes, all of our tests are carried out by specialist doctors, including oncology consultants, at unique sites around London. As a private clinic we remove the waiting times and aim to offer you a high  quality service at speed. Following your initial results with us we can refer you on to your GP to continue any necessary treatments on the NHS, or you can choose to remain in the private sector. We work with a number of insurance companies. If you are covered by health insurance your insurer will cover the costs of treatment. Please confirm with your provider before starting treatment with us.

Our clinic is designed to go where it is needed. We currently have a regular clinic at Roehampton Club, Roehampton Ln, London SW15 5LR.

If you believe there is a need for our clinic near you please get in touch

Our standard assessment covers your initial consultation with our advanced nurse practitioner, which includes a full history taking,  physical examination and complete blood workup. All results are reviewed by our multidisciplinary team of expert consultants, including oncology consultants. The cost of this is £499. 

Any further exams or treatments that are needed are possible at our central hub. These will be overseen by your own named consultant and will be charged at their standard rates. We work with a number of insurance companies. If you are covered by health insurance your insurer may cover the cost of treatment. Please confirm with your provider before starting treatment with us. 

Our screening flags all cancers. If further treatment is necessary after your screening our oncologist team is specialised in the treatment of a wife variety of cancers, including thoracic (lung), upper gastrointestinal and urological cancers although all cancers are also managed by our colleagues.

After your consultation with our specialist nurse we expect results to come back and be reviewed by our Multidisciplinary Team. We aim to get results to you within 1 week.

Yes. Our clinic is designed to diagnose or exclude cancer in vague symptoms. As oncology consultants we have recognised that these symptoms are often overlooked and not diagnosed until it is too late. We want to change this, caught early, survival rates are greatly increased.

Yes, we offer similar screening assessment for all patients who have no symptoms but are concerned about a diagnosis of cancer or want a full health check. 

You will meet one of our highly trained and experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) in a private consultation room. The ANP will take a detailed history of your health and well being and any specific health concerns you may have. It is important that we deliver personalised care and are able to understand what is important to you. Prior to the appointment you will be asked for your consent to have a clinical examination and if required, blood tests. If you would like a chaperone present during the consultation, please let the team know in advance and this can be arranged.

On the day the ANP will check your weight, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels, take a detailed medical history. A comprehensive panel of bloods will be taken. You may be asked to do a urine sample that will be tested in the clinic and sent for laboratory analysis. 

With your consent the ANP will carry out a physical examination of all your vital organs including an examination of any enlarged lymph nodes (lumps or bumps). All results are sent on to our mult-disciplianry team of consultants to be reviewed.

We offer a full panel of blood tests and a wide variety of imaging tests such as x-ray, CT scans, MRI and ultrasound. Our team of experts will recommend which investigations are appropriate for you.

Yes, we test for a number of common cancers such as prostate cancer, ovarian, breast and upper gastrointestinal cancer.

We work with a number of insurance providers that are listed below:

  • Aetna
  • Alliance
  • Aviva
  • AXA
  • BUPA
  • Vitality
  • WPA

If your provider is not listed please contact us for further information, many providers are open to working with us.

The need for a rapid cancer diagnosis

Due to a multitude of reasons, including the ongoing burden on healthcare services across the world, patients often sadly present to doctors too late. National cancer screening is limited to bowel, breast, and cervical in the UK. Our screening programs aim to rule out several types of cancer.

We have a robust ongoing referral pathway in place meaning that if an abnormality is detected at your visit, specialist input is available to guide you.

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The Clinic by Spotlight Health provides health screenings and rapid diagnostics to diagnose or rule out serious illnesses including cancer, offering greater peace of mind and providing a rapid pathway to expert cancer care.