The ICCN are highly qualified cancer specialists working in London

As oncologists, our vision is clear – improve cancer awareness, diagnose cancer early and treat cancer quickly.

1 in 2 people1 will have a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime

Early diagnosis of cancer has clearly been shown to substantially improve survival outcomes.2

The ICCN provides specialist diagnostic and treatment clinics in London, offering rapid assessment of patients with symptoms of concern and screening patients without symptoms, who require a medical assessment.

Clients will be able to benefit from a rapid cancer screening service, uniquely led by a team of oncologists and working with a group of cancer specialist consultants trained in the diagnosis and management of cancer.

The aim of this service is to rapidly diagnose or exclude cancer, offering greater peace of mind and providing a rapid pathway to expert cancer care.

Our oncologists are experts in their field and offer personalised private cancer treatment and second opinions for patients with cancer. 

Helping people along their journey

Cancer awareness and education

We provide oncology education globally. Our experts often provide talks in their specialist fields both virtually and in person. 

Cancer testing and diagnosis

The Clinic by Spotlight Health provides rapid cancer screening with each individual case being assessed by a whole multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists.

Private cancer care in the UK

We deliver high-quality, expert, cancer care. Our experienced clinicians come from a wide range of specialty backgrounds, having trained in some of the world’s most highly regarded hospitals.

The need for a rapid cancer diagnosis

Due to a multitude of reasons, including the ongoing burden on our national healthcare services across the world, patients are sadly presenting to doctors too late. National cancer screening is limited to bowel, breast, and cervical in the UK. Our screening programs will aim to rule out several other types of cancer.

We have a robust ongoing referral pathway in place meaning that if an abnormality is detected at your visit, specialist input is available to guide you.

Our commitment to ongoing care

Our network brings together a selective team of consultants from prestigious NHS sites. We have significant experience in all aspects of cancer care, from diagnosis to treatments, including surgery, systemic therapy and supportive care.

Who are The ICCN?

The International Cancer Care network represents a network of highly qualified specialists working in London, one of the largest and most metropolitan cities in the world.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality, expert, cancer care at all points of the patient’s cancer journey, from cancer screening and diagnostics to personalised cancer treatment and survivorship.

Our very experienced clinicians come from various backgrounds, having trained in some of the world’s most highly regarded hospitals. 

We are based in central London with access to state-of-the-art facilities to deliver first-class patient care.

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The Clinic by Spotlight Health provides screenings to rapidly diagnose or exclude cancer. Our aim is to offer greater peace of mind and provide a rapid pathway to expert cancer care.

1 Source: NHS, 2 Source: Cancer Research UK